Hook them.

Reel them in.

Successful writers provide more than words on a screen or page. They tell engaging stories.​ An article, press release, web site or blog post must be compelling to get results. It should entice the reader.
I can hook your audience with strong, professional, clean copy, no matter who they are. I tailor my style to fit any publication. I can write short, snappy blocks of copy or long-form features with the same panache.
Once I've got them, I give it everything I've got to keep their attention. My writing flows well and the copy contains no errors of spelling, grammar or punctuation to slow down or irritate readers.

Entice them.

Simply great writing.

Freelance writing for all types of communication:

Newspaper and magazine articles. Books.

Websites and blogs. Press releases and marketing copy.

I also edit and proofread all types of documents. 


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